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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
Early morning from the beach bed....

Early morning from the beach bed….

Everyone needs a little R and R to get the mind and soul back in balance. I did just that last week and now I feel relaxed and re-energized!

We spent the last week in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. Stayed at an all-inclusive luxurious resort where Mark and I were able to soak up the sun, play in the ocean and truly relax our minds and bodies. We pampered ourselves with massages, wonderful dinners, and fancy cocktails. We loved that our biggest decision was whether to hang out by the beach or the pool.

We met some wonderful people from all over the world and had some amazing conversations and shared meals with them. It’s so interesting to me to realize that everyone is basically the same. Whether young or old, from the US, Canada, Europe or any other country, we still all have the same trials and tribulations with our careers, our children, our families and our emotional health. It humbles me to talk with others and share thoughts, concerns, etc., and know that you are not alone. Across the world, people everywhere are stressing about their jobs, their income, their families.

So we’re back home. Back to the ‘grind’ as they say. But today I feel happy and relaxed and so very blessed for everything I have in my life. It’s time for me to re-focus and build my career here in Iowa, and to feel okay about it if success doesn’t come as quickly as I’d like. I’ll just think about the sand and the sun and the wonderful friends we made and everything will be just fine.

pool side

pool side

Selfie from the beach bed!

Selfie from the beach bed!

View from our bed

View from our bed

The Atlantic Golf and Country Club

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

atlantic_golf_small Just about two years ago I made my first trip to Atlantic for Mark’s 50th birthday party. He had his party at the Atlantic Golf and Country Club.  Mark has been a member there for about 30 years, give or take a year or two.  He went there as a kid and teenager to swim at the pool.  He took his children to the same pool while they were growing up, and he’s played many rounds of golf on the 18-hole course.  He and his family have enjoyed countless meals and social engagements at the bar and restaurant.  It’s been a place where life time friendships have been built.   And he invited me in.

I met about 100 of his closest friends that night of the party.  These were people he’d grown up with, his high school buddies, his parent’s friends, and his daughter’s friends.  The country club was the meeting place, the glue that bound them all together over the years.

Over the past two years I’ve grown to know many of these people through activities at the club.  I’ve played in a Pitch card tournament.  I’ve played Friday night 2-ball golf.  I’ve watched the golf “Tournament of Champions.”  I’ve had many meals and Friday night get togethers with others in the bar. I’ve become friends with the bartenders and wait staff.  This year I celebrated my own 50-year birthday with several new friends there and I’m going to be golfing on the women’s league on Thursday nights this spring.  They might regret that decision later!

I feel incredibly grateful for the wonderful new friendships I have developed through my association with Mark, his past friendships and the Atlantic Golf and Country Club.  I know they are running some new member specials this year.  I joined as a member with Mark and I’m looking forward to many years of new memories!  Call Sheryl for questions about joining.

The club is located at 102 West 29th Street, Atlantic, Iowa 50022.   The general manager is Sheryl Dusenberry.   Phone number is (712)-243-3656.


I hope I see you out there!


Atlantic_Golf_Country_Club_238425 agccinside